Late 18th Century Agate Scarab Intaglio of Bellerophon and the Chimera



The oval agate scarab carved on one side with the classic depiction of Bellerophon riding the winged horse Pegasus and killing the Chimera.

Mounted in 18Kt archaeological style swivel setting with an Etruscan letters inscription inside the hoop.

Size of the scarab: 16 mm wide, 21 mm long
Finger size: different due to the shape of the ring and the position of the scarab, front side or carved side, approximately from 8 to 11, please for your finger exact size
Weight: 19.2 gr

Bellerophon was a hero of Greek mythology, and his greatest feat was killing the Chimera, a monster that Homer depicted with a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail.