Agate Cameo of by Girometti, First Half of the 19th Century

Oval, depicting the bust of Phocion Athenien Sis in high relief, facing left, within a chased floral and foliate black enamel gold frame, mounted as a pendant, cameo signed ?YPOMETTOY, possibly for Giuseppe Girometti, cameo: length 3cm, width 2.5cm, pendant: length 5,5cm, width 4cm,

Phocion, (Athens 402 b.c. - 318 b.c.)
Athenian Statesman and Military leader, renowned in antiquity for his moral integrity, in his youth was a pupil of philosopher Plato.

Giuseppe Girometti (1780-1851) was one of the finest gem engravers and medallists working in the first half of the 19th century. He worked closely with his son Pietro (1811-1859), who was also distinguished in this field. Both signed their work "GIROMETTI" without initials.
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